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Why does your brand need a purpose?

Purpose - Hand Sketch.jpg

Purpose aligns actions and decisions with a strategic focus that goes beyond short term goals. Having a well-aligned purpose is crucial to creating a culture that synergises the internal workings of a company with the external impression of the brand.

At the core of every organisation are people — people who buy goods/services, and people who offer goods/services. Therefore, it only makes perfect sense to define your brand in relation to the needs of people. Research has shown that people who have a sense of purpose and are driven towards that, are most content with their lives.

So, if all brands are about people and all people want to have a purpose, then the most successful brands are those that communicate their purpose.

Does your brand have a purpose? At Rehla Design, our purpose is to build brands with integrity — i.e. help brands define and live by what they stand for. We chip away relentlessly at a company's offering until we uncover what truly makes them tick. Then, we design how a brand will look and feel, with their purpose as our guide. We delve deep and work outwards because authenticity is the only irreplaceable trait of a company.

To learn more about defining your brand purpose, watch this inspiring TEDx talk by Simon Sinek titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action.