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Brand Disconnect


Why is it so hard for companies to brand themselves authentically; to visually convey their values and beliefs in a way that is meaningful?

At a recent client meeting, I sensed anxiety in the room as we presented our benchmarking studies and competitor analyses. We were sharing best-practices in the industry and extrapolated how this would apply to our client, to reflect their vision.

'We want to be X but we all we have is Y. How do we bridge the gap?' It was understandably overwhelming for them to see the work that lay ahead and their fears so accurately captured the sentiments of every firm seeking growth.  

Clients often feel frustrated when they are unable to immediately move the brand to where they envision it. Undoubtedly they are committed and passionate about their service but there is a disconnect between the brand that lives in their head and the brand that exists in reality.

However, in this uncomfortable situation lies a golden opportunity. As brand strategists, we've had the challenging pleasure of helping brands bridge the gap between reality and expectation and have come to a noteworthy conclusion — the greater the brand's discomfort, the stronger the impetus for change, which leads to a brand shaping up more authentically.

The best design systems find their inspiration from meaningful intent so as painful as it may be, allow your brand to experience its discomfort. The growth that will result, if you allow it, will be striking.