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What makes a brand better?

As a brand strategist, I’ve trained myself to keep a lookout for brands that tell bigger stories. Brands that do good; that stand for something; that meet the needs of an unserved population; that strive to improve our ways of living; that are eager to leave a mark in history; and most importantly, make people feel empowered through their choices.

The human brain is wired to seek improvement. To strive to do better. It is this desire, planted deep within us, that had led to the innumerable advancements across faculties from science to the arts. Given that all humans, have to some degree, an innate faculty to eat, work, sleep, love and live better, brands seeking to make meaningful connections have a treasure trove of synapses to connect to.

I’ve found some of the most authentically designed brands in the packaged foods aisle at our local grocery store —brands like  Nakd, Made Good, Roo Bar, RXBar, Loving Earth—among others. These brands make an effort to tell a story about why eating their products will make you better


A great way to eat nutritious, healthy food without compromising on taste!


Clean food you can count on.


Trust in something good.

file-8 (2).jpeg

Roo Bar

Each bar is packed with superfoods to boost your body and mind with maximum nutrients.

All these brands have one thing in common. They want their customers (i.e. me) to feel empowered towards making choices with bigger and better consequences. Their strategic insights are on-point, which is a reason why this food sector has garnered loyal brand following.

However, as the health food market continues to expand to meet growing customer demands, I wonder if brands will be brave enough to innovate beyond current naming and messaging trends. The generally minimal style and bright colours, paired with simple language has resulted in little differentiation.

At at the end of the day, they are all 'good for you'. Going forward, the bigger question to consider is how such brands will continue to be better?