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What does disruption in the F&B Industry look like?

Earlier in December, Rehla Design visited the Second Middle East Food Forum in Abu Dhabi. A key theme discussed and showcased throughout the exhibition was about Trends and Disruptions in the Restaurant Industry

The U.A.E., particularly Dubai, boasts an ever-growing range of food options and outlets. In a market where reinvention is key given the breadth and choice of outlets, we cover three examples of disruptors below with varied offerings.

Tom & Serg

Tom and Serg.png

A café concept introduced in Dubai in 2013, Tom & Serg has found much success and created a strong foothold in the market. Arguably, the café functions like most others — it boasts good food, a pleasant dining experience and great staff. There are however elements of design, brand strategy and social media working together that make Tom & Serg exciting and unique. When creating their space, they’ve considered ways to engage with people and make them feel a sense of belonging. In essence, they’ve worked with a human-centric design mindset to create a unique, welcoming experience.

Mardo Ice Cream


Hailing from Cyprus, Greece, Mardo as a brand has a clear USP; it is completely natural, contains no frozen ingredients and constitute flavours that fuse traditional Turkish tastes. Their design approach adopts a modern take on Turkish patterns and cues, making it stand out from other conventional brands. Fresh, bright and eye-catching, Mardo quickly attracts people's attention. Being established since 1988, the brand looks to impress international clients as it expands to new countries.


Ripe Market


Outdoor markets and pop-up trucks have become increasingly common off-late, and are recognisable adaptations to the industry. Ripe Market is one such venue that is reshaping how people experience food, giving them options to seek new tastes and experiences. Combined with a farmer's market, the Ripe Market operates at select parks in Dubai and Abu Dhabi during cooler months. It's common to see families gather to explore and browse new offerings. On the whole, it's become an attractive venue for F&B brands — especially healthier ones — to mark their presence and interact directly with their customers.

Disruptive brands are different from ordinary brands because they get people engaged and immersed in the brand’s equity.
— Avi Dan, Contributor to Forbes

When done right, disruptors become new benchmarks that shape the industry, and keep existing brands on their toes.