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Snacks Round Up from Gulfood 2018

In the current landscape of food packaging design, many brands are making a conscious effort to look and feel relevant. Some of the best packaging we saw at Gulfood 2018 have embraced illustrations, high contrast colours and bold type. Gradient overlays seem to have been replaced by bold solid colours, and shiny packaging is giving way to matte ones. Not that the former two trends have died out, but as new products are being launched, they are keeping away from anything that would make them appear dated.

The snack food industry is a good example of a sector undergoing an overhaul. As new sub-categories emerge, the new products need to stand apart from older items at a supermarket shelf. Sleek designs, interesting flavours and deceptively healthy looking illustrations make them more alluring — and make for some semi guilt-free snacking!

So keeping with the theme of bold packaging, here is a round-up of some of the best snack foods we spotted at Gulfood 2018.