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Shaping the Future of Muslim Travel

GMTI Cover V2.jpg

The Mastercard-CrescentRating Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) is a pioneering report that introduces countries, investors and travel marketers to the ever-expanding Muslim travel market. Now in it’s fifth year, the report tracks insights and developments across four strategic areas – access, communications, environment and services. To reflect the next frontier of growth, the report explained potent needs and considerations private and public sectors must consider in order to innovate and appeal to this dynamic, emerging market.

We designed the GMTI 2019 report by revamping the format to be easier-to-read through clear infographics. The report outlines the industry’s significant changes and defines new holistic targets that will shape future expectations. Alongside the results, a number of tools and methodologies were included to empower stakeholders to better understand the end-user’s perspectives.