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Playground of Happiness

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Many of us witnessed, participated and enjoyed the array of artistic installations, retail pop-ups and design-driven projects during the two week-long Keeper's Playground of Infinite Happiness event — but few were privy to a behind-the-scenes preview. The event was a true collaboration across disciplines and reminded us of group projects back in college — only this time, the final product was to be witnessed by a total of 45,000 visitors over two weeks

Working together with Paperspace and tenants located on our floor at the National Design Centre, we were able to bounce off ideas in a hotpot of creative excellence, allowing the exhibits to be truly interactive and engaging. 

With our expertise in wayfinding and navigation, we sought to provide a supportive effort to promote exhibits across our floor by devising navigational maps and informative signs to direct and orient people. Our aim was to also capture the intent behind each of the exhibits and credit firms that took part in the effort.

Many who attended were in awe of the striking post-it murals that spanned across the building hallways, depicting colourful palm tree silhouettes. We worked with the team to brainstorm fun questions that would engage audiences as they walked by and designed the  stamps to reflect the event's central themes — Singapore, Design, Nature and Play.

For us at Rehla Design, being part of the Paperspace x Keeper's design collective allowed us to truly experience teamwork, collaboration and the Singapore kampong spirit.